Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure involving implants or fat transfer to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Somerset Plastic Surgery performs several types of breast augmentation procedures. We have the best plastic surgeon to help you explore breast augmentations and other breast surgeries. 

Why Undergo Breast Augmentation?

We meet with many women who feel self-conscious about the size or shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation with the right surgeon can help people feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies. Our patients and their well-being are our top priority.

Women may choose breast augmentation for many different aesthetic or medical reasons. These reasons include balancing their breast size or compensating for reduced breast mass after pregnancy, surgery, or aging. Breast augmentation can give women with unevenly sized or smaller breasts a fuller or better-proportioned look. 

There are two types of breast augmentation procedures, as well as other breast surgeries that can complement breast augmentation:

Saline Implants

Saline implants are our most popular option for breast augmentation at Somerset Plastic Surgery. The implants have a silicone outer shell and sterile saline solution on the inside. Saline implants are often used for patients who want a more natural look to their breasts. They can be adjusted to the desired size and shape during surgery.

Saline implants are also less expensive than silicone implants. If they rupture, the body can harmlessly absorb the saline solution.

Silicone Implants

These implants are made of a silicone outer shell filled with silicone gel. Silicone implants provide a natural look and feel to the breasts, and they come in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of each patient.

There may be a small risk of implant rupture with silicone implants. Patients will regularly need to monitor them to confirm the implants function properly.

Breast Lift

A breast lift (or mastopexy) can be done independently or in combination with a breast augmentation or reduction. This surgery shapes and lifts breasts that have sagged due to pregnancy, weight loss, aging, loss of skin elasticity, or gravity.

During this procedure, we remove excess skin and tissue around the breast. We lift and tighten the remaining tissue to give the breasts a youthful and perky appearance. The nipple and areola can also be repositioned to a more natural height and angle.

Breast Reconstruction

During breast reconstruction surgery, we rebuild a breast’s shape, volume, and contour after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. We can use a variety of techniques during the procedure, including the use of breast implants or the patient’s own tissue. Somerset Plastic Surgery will discuss the patient’s options and recommend the best approach. Our approach depends on the patient’s medical history, body type, and personal preferences.

We will create a breast mound using a breast implant, the patient’s tissue, or a combination of both during the procedure. The nipple and areola can be reconstructed using a skin graft or tattooing. The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore a patient’s breast shape and appearance. This may help them feel more confident and comfortable with their body after breast cancer surgery or other diseases.

Breast reconstruction can be performed directly following a mastectomy or later on, depending on the patient’s preference and medical condition. 

Breast Augmentation With the Best Plastic Surgeon

The best plastic surgeon helps patients understand the risks and benefits of each type of procedure. Our experienced plastic surgeons guide patients through the entire process. With proper research, careful consideration, and our expert guidance, breast augmentation can be a life-changing decision.