Plastic surgery helps people improve their appearance and restore form or function to damaged or lost body parts. At Somerset Plastic Surgery, we help people improve their quality of life by performing plastic surgery procedures for the body, face, breasts, and skin. We also help clients understand the truth about the procedures so they can make informed decisions before undergoing them. Here are common myths surrounding this type of surgery:

1. Plastic Surgery Is the Same as Cosmetic Surgery

People use plastic and cosmetic surgery interchangeably, as both procedures can improve a person’s appearance. These two procedures differ based on their primary goals. Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure chosen solely to boost one’s appearance. Plastic surgery has a broader scope, encompassing cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for conditions caused by infections, burns, or diseases. It can improve how the patient’s body looks and functions, boosting their quality of life. Somerset is a plastic surgery clinic that can help you meet your cosmetic and functional procedure needs.

2. These Surgeries are Only for Vain Individuals

While it’s common for people to choose these procedures for aesthetic reasons, many do so for medical reasons. Reconstructive surgery encompasses procedures like cleft lip and palate repair, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and burn scar reconstruction. These procedures help people born with birth deformities, those with cancer, and burn victims improve their quality of life. Dr. Michael J. Busuito, one of our lead plastic surgeons, has over¬†30 years of experience helping people with difficult conditions change their bodies and lead more comfortable lives.

3. Cosmetic or Reconstructive Surgery Isn’t Intended for Men

Some people believe that these procedures are meant exclusively for women. Reconstructive surgery is not limited to a specific gender. Men can also undergo surgeries to improve their lives and their appearances. Somerset’s doors are open to all genders as we understand that the conditions that necessitate reconstructive procedures don’t only affect women. Men can also schedule consultations with us to discuss how we can help them regain a sense of normalcy after accidents or medical conditions that have affected their appearance or quality of life.

4. Cosmetic Surgery Helps People Achieve Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Some may believe these procedures are only a shortcut to achieving the perfect looks often displayed on social media. While surgery may improve your appearance, the process isn’t about conforming to unrealistic beauty standards or achieving perfection. The goal is to help you address specific concerns and enhance your natural features. Our specialists hold honest conversations with potential patients about their intended procedures before the actual surgery. This practice aims to let patients know what each procedure entails so they can set realistic expectations.

5. All Procedures Are Extremely Painful

While it’s true that some procedures may involve some discomfort, advancements in surgical procedures have improved patients’ post-op experiences. At Somerset, we’ve implemented pain management techniques like using anesthesia to minimize pain and make patients more comfortable during and after their procedures.

6. All Surgeries Require a Long Recovery Period

Plastic surgery involves both invasive and minimally-invasive procedures, each with varying recovery times. Procedures like facial injections only require several days to weeks of recovery time. Modern research advancements have shortened recovery times for some of the most invasive procedures like breast reconstruction. Procedures like this have become less invasive, as specialists can make smaller incisions using smaller tools and digital imaging. The less invasive a procedure is, the faster you’ll likely recover. At Somerset, our board-certified plastic surgeons have access to the latest research on cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. This allows us to adjust our techniques to improve patient experience and recovery.

7. Surgery Results Are Too Obvious

Some people may assume that the results of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are unnatural due to online examples of poorly executed surgeries. With a certified and skilled surgeon, patients can achieve natural-looking results. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery aims to create balance in a patient’s face or body. Our surgeons consider your anatomic proportions and unique preferences to create a natural-looking result that complements your overall appearance.

8. Procedures Are Too Expensive

Plastic surgery is available to individuals from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. The cost of procedures can vary depending on your geographic location, the type of procedure, and the surgeon’s experience level and target market. Ask for estimates from various surgeons until you find one that fits your budget. Insurance companies can cover some reconstructive surgeries if they are deemed to be necessary to maintain the patient’s quality of life.

Somerset Plastic Surgery: Your Leading Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

Somerset Plastic Surgery has a team of qualified plastic surgeons who deliver high-quality results to our patients. Our surgeons have undergone all the necessary training and accumulated years of experience and specialization to help patients improve their quality of life through plastic surgery. We provide each client with a consultation and personalized care plan to meet their needs and goals. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.