Before getting plastic surgery, there are several steps you should take to prepare for your treatment, including defining your expectations. At Somerset Plastic Surgery, we offer a range of different services, including tummy tucks, facelifts, and breast augmentations. Preparation can vary based on the treatment you receive, but following these steps before a cosmetic procedure can help the treatment go as smoothly as possible:

Schedule a Consultation

The first step in preparing for plastic surgery is to schedule a consultation. At your consultation, we will discuss your goals and design a treatment plan that complements your anatomy and preferences. Your surgeon will explain the techniques and technologies that they use to create long-lasting and natural results, as well as the benefits and risks of your desired procedures. Our team can also explain our financing options to assist with any financial preparations.

Provide Your Surgeon With a Detailed Medical History

Provide your surgeon with a detailed medical history, including prior procedures you have had, allergies, and conditions you suffer from. You should also include detailed information about any medication that you currently take or plan to take. This includes vitamins and natural herbal remedies, as some may interact with your post-operative medications. Providing your surgeon with this information gives them a full picture of your history, enabling them to make the best decisions for your procedure and overall safety.

Follow Pre-operative Instructions

Before going into surgery, we will provide you with pre-operative instructions. These instructions keep you safe and allow us to stay on schedule. You will receive directions on when to stop eating and drinking before your surgery, if applicable. For many procedures, this starts at midnight the night before your procedure, but it can vary based on the treatment. You might also receive specific personal care directions, including information on how to bathe or shave before coming in. Your surgeon may advise you to avoid wearing make-up, jewelry, or eye contact lenses on the day of surgery.

Make Healthy Choices

Staying healthy helps prepare your body for surgery. In the days or weeks leading up to your procedure, try to stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet. Your surgeon may recommend that you stop smoking before your surgery, as it has the ability to slow the recovery process. Making healthy choices not only helps your body recover after surgery, but it can also make it more comfortable for you.

Pack Your Bag

Another aspect of preparing for your surgery is to pack a personal bag. If your procedure requires you to stay in the hospital overnight, pack toiletries and a change of clothes. Remember the type of surgery you are getting when you pack your clothes, as it may impact what you decide to wear. If you are getting a breast augmentation, choosing a shirt that buttons in the front will allow you to get dressed without having to raise your arms above your head. This is helpful because chest movement will likely be restricted following surgery. Bringing comfortable items may also improve your recovery experience.

Have a Ride Home

Arrange for someone to drive you home from your procedure. This is often necessary for both in-patient and out-patient procedures, as you may not be in a safe position to drive yourself. Your surgeon may also recommend that someone stay with you for a certain period of time following your surgery. Making these arrangements prior to your surgery helps make the recovery process smoother.

Be Prepared for the Recovery Process

We will provide you with medication and discharge instructions after your surgery, including how and when to change dressings and when to come in for a follow-up appointment. We can also provide you with additional information about the recovery process to enable you to make the necessary preparations. Ask your surgeon how much downtime to expect so you can make arrangements in your personal and professional life. You may need to take time off work to recover. The amount of time that you need often varies based on your procedure and medical history.

We often encourage patients to walk as soon as they can after surgery, but we may advise against strenuous activities for a certain amount of time. For more intensive procedures, such as body lifts, this can range from a few days to a month. During this time, we recommend getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, eating healthy, and going on walks.

Learn More About our Plastic Surgery Services

Taking the necessary steps to prepare for your surgery can make the process smoother and more enjoyable. At Somerset Plastic Surgery, we work closely with you to design a treatment plan that is tailored to your preferences. We are available to answer any questions you have about your plastic surgery. We also offer various financing options to make treatment more accessible. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about our services.